Introductory Post from the New TSMW


Hello friends and colleagues.

Consider this our first posting from the new Tri-State Media Watch headquarters.

My name is Cindy Detro, and my boyfriend is Jerry Jicha. We will now be your primary voices for this wonderful thing we call a media blog.

First some notes of business before we get to the intros.

Tri-State Media Watch will mainly be staying in the format with which you all are familiar, as I have actually been following this blog pretty much since its inceptionin November of 2008. The only difference is that we, along with our colleagues at Ohio Media Watch, will also be covering Columbus. This will not be in competition with Ohio Media Watch, but simply as a team effort out here. In other words, if you happen to be reading this from Columbus and you have a tip, you could send it either place and it will get posted, somewhere, somehow!

And speaking of tips, the previous editor has set up email forwarding so that emails will still get to new headquarters. However, you might also use We won’t change the email link on the blog unless you are using the Gmail address and stuff isn’t getting to us.

Okay, now that that is all done, time for the introductions.

As mentioned, my name is Cindy Detro. I am 30 years old. As our previous editor noted, both myself and Jerry are blind. I actually have some usable vision, but just enough to “get me in trouble”. To put it in perspective, what a normally sighted person can see from 1200 or even 1300 feet away, I need to be 20 feet from to see, and that’s only with one eye. My left one doesn’t work at all, save for maybe a bit of light perception. I have been following the happenings in media for as long as I can remember, but my first clear memory was when I was in the 7th grade. Every Wednesday in English class, we got The Columbus Dispatch and were asked to read different parts and answer questions that our teacher had come up with herself after reading it. When that was done, I always ended up in the media section, reading up on all the happenings in radio and television. Back then, my teachers all wanted me to use what is called a CCTV, which simply magnified the print quite a bit. The problem I faced was that my eyes were always so tired! Thankfully several years later, enter the Internet and screen readers on a computer! I’ll talk more about that later on, as that pertains to both of us. Some of my hobbies now include reading, watching certain television programs, spending time with family and friends (especially Jerry), taking care of my guide dog “Mesa”, following weather, Internet broadcasting, and of course keeping up on media happenings.

Jerry Jicha: he wanted me to throw the intro together, as he thinks I’m better at writing than he is! . He is 36 years old. As previously noted, he is also blind, but unlike me, he has no usable vision, not even light perception. Jerry also enjoys keeping up with media happenings, as well as weather. His dream has always been to work in the broadcast industry, however we all know, all to well, how much new openings are coming, right? He started his own Internet radio station just over 4 years ago, New Year’s Day of 2007. As a general rule, we don’t advertise here, but as a means of introduction I am here. You can visit the website of the radio station at He randomly does music shows, and he and I host a show together on Friday and Saturday evenings from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM Eastern time. Feel free to listen!

I noted in my personal intro that I enjoy broadcasting, and my music shows are on Sundays from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Eastern time, and Wednesdays from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM Eastern time, on Jerry’s station.

**End of Station Advertisements**

Something here that pertains to both of us is about screen readers. I mentioned that briefly in my intro. I use a program called JAWS for Windows, and Jerry uses one called Window Eyes. Both of them basically do the same thing, although in some cases much differently. Their purpose is to read what is on our computer screens to us, therefore allowing us to access much of the same information that regularly sighted people can access. Some sites, however, such as the blogger site this blog was previously hosted on, pose challenges to the screen readers in the posting department. Both of us are good with computers. Jerry is better at the more advance stuff than I am, however, I can tell you in many cases how to get around a system and its ins and outs, if something is explained.

You can find out more about JAWS for Windows and other Freedom Scientific products on, and about Window Eyes and other GW Micro products on

If you would like to get hold of us personally, you can follow our personal twitter accounts at and

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to let us know! Both of us look forward to working with all of you! Take care from new TSM
W headquarters.


4 Responses to Introductory Post from the New TSMW

  1. Jeremy Moses, Former TSMW Editor says:

    Nicely written! It’s a good thing you did the intro — I know very little about screen readers. I truly hope the readers here give you a good welcome as I depart into an uncertain future.

  2. Cindy and Jerry, best of luck to you as you move forward with TSMW.

  3. Tim McIntire says:

    Hi Cindy and Jerry—-I am from outside lancaster so just a few miles from you there in Circleville…have been reading the Tri State blog for awhile as I have family and friends and interest in the CIncinnati media market—–I wish you well and will continue to read in the future……..take care, Tim McIntire, Lancaster

  4. Tim McIntire says:

    So when are you folks going to start posting info? There has got to be some media news going on?

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