>Two More Re-Transmission Agreements Expiring

>UPDATE 1:35 AM EST Christmas Eve: A quick update, as we’ve uncovered the following statement from Insight regarding the Raycom negotiation, via this website, www.letskeepiton.com. NOTE: Any emphasis is ours, not theirs.

“Here at Insight, our goal is to make sure you continue to receive all of the great TV programming you’ve come to expect from us.

“Every so often, we have to renew our contracts with programmers and broadcast companies and that is exactly what it going on right now with Raycom, the parent company of WAVE-TV in Louisville, WXIX-TV in Northern Kentucky and WFIE-TV in Evansville.

“Insight is currently negotiating with Raycom to ensure our customers get the best value for their money and we hope to reach an agreement soon.

“We negotiate hundreds of these types of deals each year and we’ve seen these types of tactics Raycom is employing, such as crawls running at the bottom of your TV screen, before.

“The fact is, Insight won’t pull any of Raycom’s stations off of our networks. Only Raycom would decide pull their channel signal from your Insight lineup.

“As a company that is has its main operations based right here and employees thousands of families in this area, Insight understands the importance of local programming. That’s one reason we launched an alternative source for local weather, news and sports, called cn|2 on Insight channel 2.

“We understand that these types of tactics that Raycom is using can be disconcerting, but we are on your side, trying to negotiate a fair price with Raycom. Ultimately, these situations tend to work themselves out without any impact to customers.

“We appreciate your patience. Please check back to this site often for more updates.”

Oh, and Insight CEO Michael Willner has his own post on his “Michael’s Insight” blog here.

One additional note: TSMW, as a rule, doesn’t spend much time on Louisville, and spends even less time on Evansville. We’d suggest subscribing to Indiana Radio Watch (which we do…Blaine, here’s a free plug for you) for info on Indiana media, mainly radio (though we’ve seen a TV bit thrown in at times).

Now, we do not have a similar statement from DirecTV regarding the Hearst dispute that also impacts Louisville families using that service. But we do attempt to provide both sides of these issues, and that’s why we’ve come briefly off our hiatus to update this item…

The original posting follows below.


We’ve got news of two more re-transmission agreements that are about to end over the New Year’s Weekend…

WXIX/Insight: Yep, we’ve seen the crawls, too… Insight Communications in Northern Kentucky and WXIX-TV 19/Newport owners Raycom Media are working on a new agreement, as the old one ends on New Year’s Eve.

WXIX has their take on the situation on this post on their website. Try as we might, we can’t find a statement from Insight anywhere on their site. We’ll keep looking.

Do we think WXIX will be removed from Insight systems? We’re not 100 percent sure it WON’T happen. Agreements are usually reached in the final days (and in some cases hours) of the old ones expiring.

But, it’s something to take note of…as WXIX (and most likely their HD signal AND ThisTV Cincinnati) would disappear from Insight on January 1 if an agreement doesn’t happen.

And for Louisville area readers: Yes, this impacts you, too…as NBC station WAVE 3/Louisville would also disappear from Insight in THAT area…

WLWT/DirecTV: Again, we’re looking for information from the DirecTV perspective…but WLWT-TV 5/Cincinnati has their perspective on their website here. In this case, the owners are Hearst Television. This agreement ends January 1, and would result in removal of WLWT from THAT provider.

Again, we’re not sold on the station actually disappearing off of DirecTV.

And again, for you Louisville readers: You’re impacted by THIS one, too…as WLKY 32/Louisville is a Hearst Television-owned station, like WLWT-TV. WLKY has posted much the same statement as WLWT, with a few words changed, as a PDF file here


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