>TSMW FIRST: NBC, Fox Going Mobile In Cincinnati

>This news, as far as we know, has NOT yet been posted to the Kiese Blog, or anywhere on the Enquirer site, so as far as we know, it’s something we’re getting to before any major news operation in town.

And it involves…well, two of the major TV stations, WLWT-TV 5/Cincinnati and WXIX-TV 19/Newport.

These stations, along with 38 other NBC and FOX affiliates and O-and-O (Owned and Operated) stations, will be able to broadcast to mobile devices that contain DTV receivers by the end of next year, meaning people can watch TV from their smart phones.

TV Newscheck posted about it Friday morning here.

The thinking is that while it’ll launch with no subscribers at first, mobile device manufacturers like Apple, Research in Motion and others will start including DTV receivers in their devices, which would launch Mobile TV viewing.

On paper, it seems like a nice idea. We’re on the go constantly, it seems of late, and we’d kinda like to be able to watch WLWT news at 5 if we’re on the way to an appointment, or the WXIX 9-10 am hour.

The downside, however: It’s another potential distraction to drivers. Since yours truly doesn’t drive, it wouldn’t be a problem for us…but for others, it just might. Although more and more states are looking to outlaw driving while texting or calling from mobile phones, the laws will have to be re-done when this technology hits the market.

Now, we have to note: Most stations have apps for smartphones already, many of which DO include mobile video. And WXIX just launched a weather app for Android phones (with an iPhone version expected soon).

But this is different. This would be, essentially, the live TV signal, optimized for mobile phones.

That, and there’s the possibility that you might need an entirely independent app to view the signal in the first place…but, that’s kind of putting the cart before the horse at the moment…


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