>Weekend Wrapup

>After things had been pretty quiet on the TSMW front, as far as news we normally post anyway, Thursday changed that…in one big and one small way…

Big One Cuts off its “Finger”: As in Eddie Fingers, a 25 year veteran of Cincinnati radio. And yes, we’re talking about what is still apparently Cincinnati’s number 1 PM drive time program on WLW-AM 700/Cincinnati.

We didn’t catch it happening, but John Kiesewetter has this story, saying he was let go around 1:45 PM Thursday in what appears to be a contract dispute.

Apparently, Fingers actually offered to take some cuts…not bonuses, not a raise, but a CUT. The decision came from higher up, somewhere above the local level, Kiese says.

We’re pretty sure this is one of those rare situations where a personality offers to take a cut in pay or benefits, only to find themselves out of a job.

Now, it appears, WLW-AM 700’s PM drive program will still be hosted by Tracy Jones, but he’ll be joined by WLW-AM PD Darryl Parks…in what will unofficially become “The Tracy and Darryl Show”…

MAX Goes Espanol…For Some?: There’s another chapter in the long history of the terrestrial version of the WOXY-FM call letters. (We’ll give you that history in a moment.)

That station, located at 97.7 FM and licensed to Mason (yes, near Kings Island), has just been LMA’ed to TSJ News Incorporated, according to the Cincinnati Business Courier. (LMA means Local Marketing Agreement, a common industry term.) In this case, TSJ News Inc. will operate WOXY-FM, but First Broadcasting will retain ownership…well, for now. The agreement does give TSJ an option to buy WOXY eventually if they choose to.

What’s unclear is the fate of current simulcast partner WAOL-FM 99.5/Ripley. We’ve heard different things (the station is included; it’s not and will continue with the MAX FM format; it’s not included but a new format will be launched for it)…all of which could be true. We’ll double check the documents and get back to you, our readers.

We also don’t know the status of personalities that are currently with the station, although we’d presume they’ll just transition over to WAOL if it’s not part of the LMA.

For now, this much we do know: WOXY will part with the Variety Hits format on November 1st.

Oh, and as for the history of WOXY? It was formerly targeted at Miami University students as WOXR-FM, then became WOXY-FM, transitioned to a Modern Rock format in 1983 which continued until it ceased to exist as a terrestrial station in 2004, leading to WOXY.com(which shut down in March – we’d forgotten that fact. Thanks to an anonymous commenter below for the fact-check.). First Broadcasting picked up the FM license shortly after WOXY’s former owners left terrestrial radio, and it relaunched in 2005 as “MAX FM”. (Another anonymous commenter below this item clarified that for us…while WOXY’s former owners DID indeed end their version of WOXY on the frequency in May 2004, First Broadcasting picked it up the next day, according to our anonymous commenter. Thanks to them for THAT fact-check, also…we could not easily pick up WOXY back in those days, as they were still in Oxford and did not reach Northern Kentucky with a very good signal – at least that we ever could pick up.)

Oh, and there had been a third simulcast partner too…WAXZ-FM 97.7. That station is currently licensed to Salt Lick, KY, between Lexington and Ashland…and we don’t know if it’s still part of the simulcast. Heck, we can’t even FIND the station in the FCC database – it simply doesn’t exist there.

Whew…that’s a LOT of history…


3 Responses to >Weekend Wrapup

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Woxy.com went out of business earlier this year. WVXU HD2 which had been broadcasting it now airs Exponential Radio from NPR on their HD2 station.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >First Broadcasting had picked up the WOXY license immediately in 2004. It wasn't in 2005 as you state here.97X signed off the air at Midnight on May 13, 2004 and a few hours later, First Broadcasting started broadcasting on the frequency.

  3. Anonymous says:

    >I wish First Broadcasting would bring back the original 97X WOXY to terrestrial radio (97.7 FM) or turn it into something like the old 107.1 Channel Z use to be. There are no good or true alternative stations in Cincinnati. Corporate radio companies have ruined radio in Cincinnati.

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