>Wrapping Up Our Hiatus

>As we pick up another piece or two that we missed during our hiatus to attend the Spina Bifida Association of America conference, we’ve also got a couple of new news items to tell you about…

Former Taft Broadcasting Reporter, Executive Dead: And we’re talking about two separate people here, so it’s doubly sad news for the folks involved with Taft Broadcasting back when it was its own entity in the 70s. These were reported by John Kiesewetter at the Enquirer today.

Carl J. Wagner, who was an executive for Taft/Great American, died last Monday, June 28, at age 76. He was the number 2 executive for the broadcasting group, which owned WKRC-TV/AM here. He’d retired in 1991, after spending some 17 years as its Vice President. He’d also worked with WTVN-AM/FM in Columbus and what would become WKRQ-FM 101.9 here, along with a station in Birmingham, AL.

Bill Crafton died last Friday. He had been diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis in 2008, and had written a blog called “What It’s Like to be Told You’re Terminally Ill”. That blog (click here) hasn’t been updated since last Tuesday. He was the anchor on air when the Beverly Hills Supper Club burned to the ground in 1977. He also worked for stations in South Bend, Indianapolis, and West Palm Beach, among others.

TSMW extends our condolences to both families as they deal with their losses…

Harris Back In Cincy: Steve Harris has landed back here in Cincinnati, after a stint as Senior Program Director at ESPN Radio.

He’ll take over Radio One operations here, following the termination of GM Lisa Thal and regional VP Rick Porter back in May, according to our colleague Tom Taylor at Radio-Info on June 29.

Harris was the PD at WCIN-AM here 25 years ago, the Kiese Blog reported the same day.

We wonder what brought him back to the Queen City…but wish him luck…

Radio Station Launch: We go back to Friday now – and that radio station launch that happened in Cincinnati.

Yes, we’re talking about WVQC-FM 95.7/Cincinnati, which kicked off live FM broadcasts at 6 PM Friday night.

“Producers”, as WVQC program hosts are called by Media Bridges, rotated in and out of the studio sharing their feelings on the new FM signal broadcasting from atop the Essex Studios building in Walnut Hills. At one point around 6:45 PM, if you were within 3-5 miles of the launch or listening on the WVQC website, you may have even heard Your Editor on air for a quick sit-in. We didn’t ask to be put on air, but were asked by Katie Finnigan if we wanted to say a few words, which we took the opportunity to do. (By the way, if you did hear the interview and are taking a look at us for the first time, welcome!)

I’m not sure if that interview is archived on WVQC’s end (I’d guess they may have recorded it for historical purposes), but yours truly was nervous. As I tweeted, this was my first interview ever on a terrestrial radio station…in studio anyway. (Yes, I’ve called into radio stations in the past.)

Nonetheless, the atmosphere at the Media Bridges headquarters on Race Street in Cincinnati was very festive – as was that at Hoffner Park in Northside where a festival was being held and WVQC hosts were also broadcasting.

TSMW congratulates Media Bridges…as we noted, it was about time…

And Finally, A Personal Note: I don’t do this often here, if at all, but I wish to extend my personal appreciation to Mr. Tom Taylor at Radio-Info.

I’ve received an email from him over the last few hours, where he addresses our prologue to Friday’s post, saying that I handled my absence from This Space well.

I’d like to say this in public, as I did in private: Spina Bifida is very much a part of my life that I have made zero effort to hide. In fact, if you meet me on the street and ask the right question, I’ll literally talk your ear off about it, and about how to prevent it.

In that respect, I don’t ever plan to hide this portion of my life. My personal YouTube and Twitter spaces are places where I will talk about my life – very publicly. Spina Bifida is a part of that, and will be for the rest of my life.

As I said Friday: Spina Bifida has come a long way in my 25 years of life and longer. 50 years ago, it was such that a lot of children didn’t live to see their 30th birthdays. Today, my generation is, at the very least, one of the first if not THE first to make it that far.

My personal hope is that the research done now continues to move forward over the next 50 years.

I hope you’ll forgive the personal nature of this portion of today’s post…but I felt I needed to share a little more about this…


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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Jeremy – You do a great job with the "watch!" I know what medical conditions can do to one's life so any time you feel the need to get "personal," go right ahead! It may sound trite but you are serving as an inspiration to others – keep up the good work…

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