>CONFIRMED: Northeast Ohio Talker Taking WLW Airwaves June 26

>TSMW has been looking all weekend for SOME information to confirm that an Akron-area morning show legend will be taking to Cincinnati airwaves later this month.

Nathan Obral wrote in a comment on our last item that Matt Patrick will be doing WLW’s now-local slot on June 26th. (How long it’ll stay local is anyone’s guess.)

We’re no longer looking – it’s confirmed by Matt Patrick himself via a Facebook post. (We think this is where Mr. Obral got the info…)

On this post at the Matt Patrick Show Facebook Page, Patrick writes:

The “Queen City” gets to hear the “Joker” of Northeast Ohio..June 26th! We are live in Cincinnati on 700WLW beginning at noon! Mark it down!!

Patrick has a late-afternoon Saturday show on Ohio’s “other” Big One, WTAM 1100/Cleveland. That show is normally heard Saturdays 1-4 PM when the Cleveland Indians don’t play. (He got that slot, we presume, after previous lead-in James Traficant quit to run for Congress in the 17th District.)

Before that, Patrick had a very good career elsewhere in Ohio Media Watch territory, at WKDD 98.1/Munroe Falls, Ohio and WHLO-AM 640/Akron. In fact, towards the end of his tenure for Clear Channel Akron/Canton, Patrick was doing both shows back-to-back, sliding across to WHLO at 9AM to do that show. (Ironically, his old website for “The Matt Patrick Show on 640WHLO actually still exists here. We’re not sure if it’s frequently updated.

We’re also not clear on whether this is an audition for Patrick, though that does seem to be the case. (WLW isn’t carrying the last weeks of “The Weekend” Premiere syndicated show with now-former WLW talker Mike McConnell, remember.) It seems Scott Sloan is stepping into that role as well, for now anyway, at WLW.

Could Patrick be Cincinnati’s next middayer? We suppose it’s possible. We’ve never heard him, but again – he was not only part of WKDD, but he basically WAS WKDD for 30 years. That speaks volumes to how good he was in his role at WKDD.

The only problem is, Top 40 music and talk radio are two different things. Now, Patrick was fairly successful at WHLO, also. But…Akron/Canton is the number 76 market. Cleveland is 29th, with Cincinnati one step above that.

Now, we’re not sure exactly what his WTAM show is doing, ratings wise. We’re certain of this: Patrick is getting more exposure than if Traficant had stayed – whatever is in Patrick’s old 4-7 PM slot isn’t carried if the Indians have a Saturday night game.(No, we don’t know what is in that slot… WTAM hasn’t updated their website.)

Anyway: We really hope that, if nothing else, Patrick continues to do well with WTAM and his Saturday show there.

Once again, a tip of the hat to Nathan Obral for putting TSMW on the trail of this one… we sure couldn’t find any info on WLW’s site…


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