>BREAKING NEWS: Insight Cable Problem

>UPDATE 2 10:25 AM: We now know, courtesy a report from WXIX-TV 19/Newport, that the server in question is indeed located in Louisville, at their ops center.

UPDATE: From the DSLReports.com forum linked below, we now have at least ONE report that broadband has now failed. We’re not 100 percent sure this is the case elsewhere just yet. Likely, any failure with broadband ANYWHERE from here until the cable’s fixed, is related to the work to FIX this problem.

We first got word through the WHAS-AM 840/Louisville Facebook page of an issue with Louisville-area cable service through Kentucky statewide cable giant Insight Communications. We then heard it was happening in Shelbyville through a fan post on that same story.

Well…it’s more widespread than Louisville. In fact, it’s now spread to much of Central Kentucky. This link to the DSLReports.com Insight forum is where reports are now streaming in from across the state, as more and more folks wake up and find problems.

What we know: Sometime early this morning, one of the video servers started having issues. Whether the server is in Louisville, or somewhere else in the state or even country, we do not know.

We know that the server problem has caused a multitude of issues, from analog and/or digital channels not showing up, to frozen screens. We know this firsthand because we’re finding the same issues on at least one television in the TSMW headquarters. We also know that broadband and phone aren’t at all affected…and we know this firsthand because our broadband and phone both work just fine right now – as they’re both through Insight.

We know that, again, MUCH of Central Kentucky is impacted by this cable problem.

What we don’t know is when it will be fixed.

Insight Communications’ CEO Michael Willner posted, as a request on his blog, that you do NOT call your local call center. They’re swamped, and they’re already well aware of the issue.

We’ll tweet and/or update this post, when we know that the problem is fixed. For right now, expect some channels to be missing, others to have poor video quality or even frozen pictures, and that your other Insight services are fine…it’s a video server issue on Insight’s end…not your cable box or hookup.


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