>Time Warner Adding New HD, Changing On Demand, and Moving GSN

>We get word of this from Friend of TSMW Mike Taylor.

Mike informs us that Time Warner Cable announced the addition of fifteen more HD channels today, and linked us to this post from John Kiesewetter detailing them all.

Here is how it all shakes out with the different tiers, with channel numbers in parentheses:

–Added to HD Variety Package: Hallmark HD (1113), Fuse HD (1258) and IFC HD (1280)

–Added to HD Standard Package: QVC HD (1175), HSN HD (1176)

–Added to HD Sports Package: CBS College Sports HD (1322), Tennis Channel HD (1327), NHL Network HD (1324)

–Added to HD Movie Package: Encore HD (1290)

–Added to premium services: HBO 2 HD (1604) & HBO Family HD (1606), Show TOO HD (1643), Action Max HD (1624) & More Max HD (1623), TMC HD (1662)

Also, there will be a change to On Demand services. Any home that can access On Demand programming from more than one television set will now have the ability to watch saved programs on those TV’s without having to re-order.

Finally, GSN will be moved to the Variety tier from the Sports tier. This happens this Tuesday also.

To answer Mike’s question, and a question that others of you might have, YES, if you have the Variety tier, you’ll automatically get GSN. If you have both Sports and Variety, nothing will change. (And a correction to our email to Mike: No, channel position will NOT change. It does stay at digital 219.)

We also read from the TWC Cincinnati channel change notifications that the Speed Channel will be made available to any standard digital service customer who has a converter, and that there are future changes in the works, too, that will merge content from Action Movies on Demand, Comedy Movies on Demand & Drama Movies on Demand and eliminate those stand-alone channels – but it’s not clear if either change is planned Tuesday. We assume these will, but proceed with caution. (We’ll be working on it.)

That’s a lot, but hopefully, it’s all clear what’s planned…


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