>Return Wednesday

>UPDATE Midnight 4/1: We now hear from multiple sources that WWPW launches either tonight or Thursday as “Beat 104.3”. Best guess is tonight…

This will be short and sweet… But, it IS a return post. By the way we don’t exactly have our normal technology, so for this post (and at least Thursday’s also), headlines won’t be in bold…

Regent to Reorganize: We admittedly, hadn’t kept track of what was going on with locally-based Regent Communications. But we now are aware of their Chapter 11 filing of a week or two back.

What we know is this: the company will have to spin off a couple of it’s stations, according to recent reports by Tom Taylor at Radio-Info. Those are in Ft. Collins, CO and Lafayette, LA. Shareholders get $5.5 million to split and major secured creditors get 90% of the company.

It’s worth noting once more: Regent doesn’t own anything here. But it’s locally based… which put it on our radar…

Insight Ends “Northern Kentucky Magazine”: This one will be brief.

We got word yesterday that Insight Cable will be ending broadcasts of the aforementioned “Magazine” later today.

The final show will air live at 10AM on Insight Channel 2. That becomes a statewide weather and news network presumably as early as Thursday. We don’t have an official date on that however. We’ll let you know when we know.

Louisville “Power”?: The word is that WAYI-FM 104.3 FM, which formerly simulcast Christian Top 40 WAY-FM (whose main channel is 105.9), dropped that simulcast and that Ricky Smiley’s syndicated show now claims WWPW as a Louisville affiliate. This also comes from Tom Taylor at R-I.

A word of caution: We don’t have total confirmation on this yet. For now it is just rumored as far as we can tell.

But, if you’re in Louisville, it’s something to take note of…

Mandy’s Debut: Yes, we were aware of this, too.

Mandy Connell has debuted as the replacement for Francene Cucinello at 840 WHAS-AM in Louisville.

We have not yet had a chance to hear her ourselves yet in the 9AM to noon slot.

But our current technology, the same device we’re using to type this post, has wi-fi and…OK it’s the recently released iPod touch and yes we got the “iHeart Radio” app. But what counts is we can get WHAS on it. (For that matter we can, wherever we get wifi, tune in nearly every station in our coverage zone, as long as they have a livestream which can be accessed via Quicktime.)

The bottom line is, while we haven’t yet heard Connell on air… We will soon. It’s only a matter of being up before 9AM…


2 Responses to >Return Wednesday

  1. Anonymous says:

    >How does everyone decide who gets to use the iPod Touch at what time? I bet it is difficult to create a timetable so that everyone at TSMW gets an opportunity to update us on the latest updates.I only ask about it because I always read "we" and "our" and "us" but it seems like there is only one laptop or iPod Touch for you all to share. Is this something that the FCC has regulated upon you? I bet so…they are always trying to cripple the efforts of us common people.Continued success and blessings, TSMW!

  2. J. Moses says:

    >Actually there is currently only 1 person writing this blog. When I say "we" I mean the entity not necessarily a person.When I began this effort just over 1 year ago, I patterned my writing after the person/people responsible for the Northeast Ohio companion to this blog, Ohio Media Watch. Every once in a while I do use my/I/me instead of we/us/our. It gets confusing… Even when these blogs are typed at 4 AM for auto posting when yours truly needs a few hours sleep.~J. Moses

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