>JUST IN: Two More Channels Moved by Insight, WCVN Now on 6


UPDATE: We stand corrected: WCVN is now on Insight channel 6. The remainder of this item is unchanged…

At this rate, it may soon be easier to list what’s LEFT on Insight Cable for analog subscribers…

We were flipping through channels today and found this slide on channels 18 and 19:

If you can’t read it due to poor quality (our apologies, as it was taken using a cell phone camera), it says “Northern Cable has moved to channel 96. CSPAN has moved to channel 97.”

Yes, that’s right – that’s two more channels that are basically all but gone from the basic cable. Northern Cable has provided people with NKU news and information for years…as long as we can remember. And now it’s moved…no alerts or anything. We couldn’t find anything that told us these channels were moving. We didn’t see any crawls on these channels.

Also today marked the move of ICN6 to Insight channel 2… our original posting was incorrect about it being yesterday. As we type this, the former slot of WCVN-TV 54/Covington is now ICN2. And as for WCVN…it’s on channel 6. (By the way, we now hear that Insight plans to replace the local programming now seen on ICN… uh, 6/2… with statewide weather 24/7, with live meteorologists. That per the Kiese Blog today.)

Shouldn’t Insight have alerted customers of the other channel changes, also when word of the ICN move came?? Did we miss an ad in the papers or something? This seems like it was sprung on most Insight customers with no warning at all…and we don’t like having things like this spring up with no warnings because it makes it hard to do our jobs.
And no, Insight, we don’t see any sections on your website that list upcoming moves. Nice try… but we’ve looked before. Nothing. (Heck, your lineups aren’t even up to date now!)
These lapses in communication really make it hard to be a media blogger sometimes…we bet not even Kiese knew of THIS change.

4 Responses to >JUST IN: Two More Channels Moved by Insight, WCVN Now on 6

  1. microbob says:

    >WCVN is n ch 6 now. at lest i is here where I live in Grant County KY.

  2. J. Moses says:

    >Yep it is here in Florence, also. We just didn't see it on our TV for a few minutes.

  3. TC says:

    >Any word on when Insight's 9 new HD channels will be added to the lineup?

  4. J. Moses says:

    >TC, I don't have an exact date for you as to when that will be. I believe, but am NOT 100 percent sure, the additions will be in the latter half of the month… Insight hasn't committed to a hard date for it. Remember, Insight is also taking two public access channels and making them unavailable to those without the digital boxes a week from today (as I write this it is Tuesday, March 9), which is SUPPOSED to free up bandwidth for all these HD channels. (Whether yours truly agrees with the decision or not…well that's another story.)

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