>Three Quick Notes


UPDATE 7:45 PM 2/10/10: We got an email from Matthew Gray at WOTH-LD 25. He says they were testing new equipment and nothing is on the horizon right now…

We’ve got 3 separate quick notes about some stuff we’ve gotten via e-mail. One, the person who sent us the email already has spoken for themselves about…and two of which we’re still trying to follow up on.

But, a note: We’re fighting some sinus issues that are making it tough to speak (at least without snorting) – so phone calls needing to be made will probably need to wait til tomorrow morning.

WOTH Test Pattern: We received an email from Max Abel on Friday, asking us what was up with the test pattern on WOTH-LD 25/Cincinnati’s 25.5 subchannel.
We do have an email to people over there at WOTH 25/WBQC 38. We’d been told months ago they were going to light up something new on one of the subchannels. We’d assume this was it… but we don’t know 100 percent. Stay tuned…
WKRC Signal Issue: Another email from Katie Osborne in Delhi tells us that WKRC-TV 12/Cincinnati is having some signal issues.
We’re not clear about this one, either. Our suspicion (and again, because of voice issues we haven’t been able to make a phone call today like we’d planned to ask) would have been that there may be some issues with the recent snows making things worse… but Osborne reports that they’ve had this problem since before Friday’s snowstorm, so that’s not it. And a new digital television and moving the antenna in the correct positioning hasn’t worked, either, Katie tells us.
So, we’re going to work on this one, also. One thing’s for sure… any additional snow tonight through Wednesday isn’t going to help…
Hingsbergen to West Virginia: Finally, a hearty Congratulations and Good Luck are in order for a Friend of TSMW.
John Hingsbergen, formerly Program Director of WMUB-FM 88.5/Oxford, begins a new position as News and Public Affairs Director at West Virginia Public Broadcasting in Charleston, WV next Monday. He sent us first word on Friday, also.
John tells us that he received the offer on January 22…ironically exactly one year to the day after Miami University announced they were shutting down local operation of WMUB and handing control over to Cincinnati Public Radio, which turned it into a repeater of 91.7 WVXU-FM/Cincinnati.
For more information on West Virginia Public Broadcasting, head here.
Congratulations, John… we wish WVPB all the best…

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