>NEW THIS MORNING: Insight Moving WGN, EWTN in February, Public Access Goes Digital 3/16

>We found out about part of this item last night while watching “WWE Superstars” on WGN America. (Yes, that’s what the show is called, and yes it features…well, WWE Superstars.)

In a move we’ve not seen announced ANYWHERE in the local media, Insight is moving WGN America to Insight channel 5. That’s right… from channel 24 to channel 5. Effective, we found out, not next Thursday as their program guide says, but apparently coming up on TUESDAY.

And another move coming next week (we assume also on Tuesday) will move Eternal Word Television Network, or EWTN, from channel 38 to channel 26.

Of course, that leaves channels 24 and 38 blank. No, Insight isn’t planning to fill those two slots. And no, none of this affects the digital tier channel placement for both, as WGN stays on digital 115 and EWTN remains parked on digital 275.

Another move WAS reported this week in John Kiesewetter’s blog, and involves two of the public access channels.

Specifically, Insight is taking channels 16 and 21 digital, moving them to the digital tier on March 16th. This will make room for nine more HD channels that are on the way: Fox Sports Ohio, Comedy Central, Spike, Golf, E! Entertianment, MSNBC, Hallmark, Cartoon Network and a new pay-per-view channel. We’re not sure when those will be added, but we assume it’ll be after March 16th. Insight plans to offer free equipment so that customers who use analog cable (about 25% of Insight customers) can continue to watch channels 16 and 21.

Our Take: Another kinda good, kinda bad move. Good in the sense that yes, this makes room for the nine HD channels. But… analog customers lose access to community access programming unless they get the upgraded equipment…


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