>BREAKING NEWS: Furman/WQRT Deal "Done"

>We just received word that the deal we reported on earlier this week is “done”.

John Kiesewetter of the Enquirer has just reported that Andy Furman, formerly of 700 WLW-AM/Cincinnati and WFTK-FM 96.5/Cincinnati, will return to the airwaves here starting Monday, February 8th on WQRT-AM 1160/Florence. That’s the day after the Super Bowl. Furman will do 5-7 PM weeknights, as previously reported.

We checked out the schedule on WQRT, and it appears Furman would drop Dr. Laura down to a 1 hour clearance at 7 PM on weeknights, in addition to an early Sunday morning 2-5 AM clearance. We believe that’s a “Best Of” program.

From what Kiese wrote, it sounds like Furman’s show won’t be exclusively about sports… but will mix in current events and some lifestyle issues, too.

Again, though…we come back to the issue we posted about the other day. In wintertime the show will only air for a short time. Sunset time in December is around 5:15 PM…which would provide at most a little over 15 minutes of Furman before the station’s signal has to be powered down to its 900 watt nighttime authorization.


2 Responses to >BREAKING NEWS: Furman/WQRT Deal "Done"

  1. Anonymous says:

    >It will be good to have Andy back on the air where he belongs. Maybe if the show goes over they will expand it to 4-7.

  2. joe beans says:

    >welcome back, furball!

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