>The Return Post

>We’ve got one or two items to start your first full business week of 2010… one major followup to a story from last week, a new information piece, and one minor announcement…

Time Warner, Fox Resolve Dispute: The major cable service provider in TSMW-Land has inked a new deal with FOX parent News Corp, as of late Friday.

Details weren’t announced, but channels that were affected included:

Fox Reality Channel
Speed Channel
Fox Soccer Channel
Fox Sports World Espanol

What it DIDN’T include, we found out Thursday evening, was WXIX-TV 19/Newport. That’s a separate deal, not connected to the dispute.

In any case, this is good news for Time Warner subscribers. If you were worried about not being able to watch these channels…you need not fear now.

Bengals on NBC…Again…: …against the Jets…again.

By virtue of the Bengals’ 37-0 loss to the New York Jets Sunday night…and because the Jets locked up the 5th seed in the AFC…and because NBC has rights to both Saturday wild card games…the Bengals and Jets will replay each other Saturday afternoon at 4:30 PM (WLWT-TV 5/Cincinnati, WDTN-TV 2/Dayton, WAVE-TV 3/Louisville and WLEX-TV 18/Lexington).

NBC gained rights to the Saturday wild card games when ABC chose to not renew its deal for Monday Night Football in 2006.


ESPN bid on Monday Night Football games (and won). CBS and FOX both renewed their deals for AFC and NFC packages respectively. What was left was Sunday Night Football (which ESPN vacated in favor of the MNF package), and NBC grabbed it.

A Minor Announcement: While we’re back and off our holiday hiatus, and are planning to be back on the blog full time for the entire first quarter of 2010…this is just a minor, follow up announcement/update on the minor spill that happened last week…just in case something happens.

A hospital visit on New Year’s Eve revealed that while yours truly didn’t break a bone, I may have some messed up ligaments in my right knee, directly (or indirectly) caused by my fall last week. If this proves to be the case…and surgery is required…we’ll try to give notice before we go for that.

As always, you’re quite welcome to follow the Tri-State Media Watch Twitter page (link is at right) if we don’t update here… even if we’re not on hiatus. A short-fuse situation might only give us time to update Twitter as opposed to This Space.

And, if you SHOULD want updates on yours truly’s personal life (and we’re not sure why…it’s mostly boring…), you can follow this twitter link.


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