>A Major Shakeup at WKRC-TV

>It seems to be a busy news day.

We briefly caught WKRC-TV 12’s noon news today…and saw Kit Andrews doing the midday news which left us scratching our heads. Andrews, of course, has done evenings with Rob Braun for 19 years.

In an update just posted by John Kiesewetter, we get the answer. It’s a big move.

Andrews will now be doing the noon, 4 PM, and 5:30 PM newscasts and will be paired with John Lomax at noon. (We assume Liz Bonis has been working on her health reports after 9 AM.)

Cammy Dierking, a longtime acquaintance of yours truly, will do 6 and 11 PM newscasts from now on, after doing the 10 PM CW Cincinnati newscast and evenings since 2005. (Cincinnati CW is “Local 12.2”, out of the WKRC-TV Highland Avenue complex.)

And that means Dave Burchell will do the 10 PM solo.

Our take: This is a good move for Cammy, and okay for Kit. We watched Cammy on the morning show for most of the 13 years she was there (1992-2005) and found she never let the early morning wakeups get to her. Some people hold that against her (saying she was/is “too perky”). We have seen comments about her as being “not credible enough” for evenings. But we disagree with that, too… she’s held her own.

However… and you knew this was coming… this move does break up the longtime duo of Rob and Kit. We’ll see how viewers react over the next few months and in the February and May ratings books.

But from our standpoint, Kit has plenty of loyal fans who will make the move to watch her at noon, 4 and 5:30…


2 Responses to >A Major Shakeup at WKRC-TV

  1. >Kit Andrews is a true professional and a great News Anchor for 12 Noon, 4:00, and 5:30.Kit is well respected in Cincinnati for her approach and presentation as News Anchor.With 19 years on TV12 Evening News, new schedule will allow Kit and family a "normal" family life.Enjoy the new schedule Kit.Cincinnati TV12 will benefit with Kit covering "Daytime" News Schedule.Jim ListermanCincinnati, Ohio

  2. aurora says:

    >Kit Andrews has always been my favorite female on Channel 12.If this will work for her, that's great. But I'll miss seeing her on at night (11:00)I only hope they do not decide to use Liz bonis more, she always grins, even when the news is sad.

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