>JUST IN: Fox, Time Warner in Major Dispute

>We’re hearing that FOX and Time Warner Cable are in some major disputes over retransmission, and that it will affect some channels here.

(UPDATE: We first believed that WXIX-TV 19 was involved. While a) they ARE up for renewal with Time Warner here, and b) some affiliates of the network are being asked to share retransmission fees, FOX 19 isn’t confirmed to be one. We’ve removed that part of it until we hear otherwise.)

However, we DO know of five or six channels that are LIKELY to disappear on Thursday from Time Warner systems locally. Those are:

Fox Reality Channel
Speed Channel
Fox Soccer Channel
Fox Sports World Espanol

All of those are listed, along with WXIX, here.

This is part of a larger dispute between News Corp (which owns the FOX networks) and Time Warner (as well as Bright House Networks down in Florida). News Corp is asking for $1 per subscriber for all these channels, and Time Warner wants to give News Corp less. More information is available here, here and here.

Stay tuned… this is a HUGE story (it brought us out of hiatus big time)…


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