>Quick Post: FSO Coverage Wednesday

>Yes, we’re on hiatus but a quick note:

Fox Sports Ohio announced their schedule for Wednesday, when they will cover a Xavier University men’s basketball game against Miami (Ohio), the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey game against the Dallas Stars, AND the Cleveland Cavaliers game with the Sacramento Kings. Here’s the schedule per FSO:

Xavier Musketeers

6:30pm Musketeers Live pre-game show
7:00pm Xavier v. Miami (OH)

Cincinnati/Dayton, Ohio:

• Cincinnati Bell Fioptics: Channel 261
• Time Warner: Channel 310
• Insight: Channel 6

Columbus, Ohio:

• Time Warner, Insight and WOW – check local channels

Cleveland, Ohio:

• Time Warner: Channel 310
• Cox: Channel 98

DISH Network: alternate channel TBD

Direct TV: alternate channel TBD

Columbus Blue Jackets

8pm Blue Jackets Live pre-game show

8:30pm Blue Jackets @ Stars

Columbus, Ohio:

•FOX Sports Ohio SD

Cincinnati, Ohio:

•FOX Sports Ohio SD

DISH Network: FOX Sports Cincinnati

Direct TV: FOX Sports Cincinnati

Cleveland Cavaliers

9:30pm Cavaliers Live pre-game show
10:00pm Cavaliers @ Sacramento (HD)

Cleveland, Ohio:

• FOX Sports Ohio SD & HD

Columbus, Ohio:

• FOX Sports Ohio HD
• Time Warner, Insight and WOW – check local channels

Cincinnati/Dayton, Ohio:

• FOX Sports Ohio HD
• Time Warner: Channel 310

DISH Network: FOX Sports Ohio

Direct TV: FOX Sports Ohio

A note: DISH and Direct TV haven’t announced alternate channels for the XU game yet. We expect to hear about those tomorrow or Wednesday and we’ll update that info via Twitter.

Also, another program premieres tomorrow with a preview of the University of Cincinnati Bearcats Sugar Bowl game against Florida.

The “Bearcats Bowl Preview Special” will premiere tomorrow at 7 PM, with the following airings after that:

12/22 9:30pm

12/26 3:30pm

12/28 9:30pm

12/29 11:00pm

12/31 10:00pm

Now, we’re off for the holidays! Have a great holiday season and we’ll be back 1/5/10!


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