>A Couple Weekend Items

>These items will end our week, as we attempt to spend some time with significant others this weekend…

WCVG Off Air?: For all the world, it sounds like WCVG-AM 1320/Covington isn’t on the air at the moment. Their nighttime directional 430 watt signal shouldn’t be having any trouble reaching the TSMW HQ in Boone County from Latonia…but, there’s no signal coming through on our radios at all.

We’ll double check throughout the weekend…but as far as we can tell, the signal is not there.

WRRM-FM New PD: You’ll recall back in October that we reported TJ Holland’s move to Columbus as PD and Operations Manager of the Saga group there.

WRRM-FM now has its new PD according to posts from the Radio-Info Cincinnati board.

That station promotes its Assistant Program Director and Music Director, Chris Lynn, from what we’re hearing.

Assuming this is correct, congratulations to Mr. Lynn.

Louisville News: We were, as noted, in Louisville, Kentucky Wednesday afternoon and were able to confirm one radio station that was doing Christmas tunes.

We’d heard that WVEZ-FM 106.9/St. Matthews, Kentucky had flipped back on Thanksgiving morning at 3:00 AM via another of the Radio-Info boards, this one the Kentucky state board.

Well, our trip down to the Possibility City had us in a downtown Arby’s around 1 PM local time, and we were able to confirm the stunting, as WVEZ was on the store’s radio. (And this was during a High Wind Warning…so somewhere in the middle of the 35 minutes we were there, there was a weather update from WAVE-TV 3/Louisville.)

Again…we’re hearing WVEZ should go back to its normal format on the day after Christmas. We won’t be making a second trip down to confirm that, though. So, if any of you read from Louisville, and want to let us know if this isn’t the case, email us. (Link at right.)

Otherwise, we didn’t catch the other two stations we previously mentioned in the area, as those are only weekend Christmas music stations. Those two are WJIE-FM 88.5/Okolona and WMJM-FM 101.3/Jeffersontown.


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