>Two Quick Administrative Tidbits

>Yes, we’re burning the midnight oil, but we have two administrative announcements:

1) We noticed our twitter feed at right wasn’t updating correctly. So, we’ve removed the feed itself. At right, you’ll notice that the list of links we once noted as being local or regional blogs, is now a list of links that we here at TSMW generally use or like. Included now on the new list is the Radio-Info site, as well as a site run by a friend (Scott Fybush) of our colleagues at Ohio Media Watch (by the way, OMW is on hiatus, as they’ve announced – we’ll be covering the adjoining areas as often as we possibly can). And, we’ve put the OFFICIAL twitter of This Space in that list at the top.

2) Also, we’ve got two upcoming things we need you, the readers, to be aware of. First, later today (it’s 2:45 AM as yours truly writes this), we’ll be out of town (though only about 80 miles southwest of the TSMW Headquarters in Boone County, KY – OK, we’ll be in Louisville) for several hours. If you hear of any major news, sudden flips, etc., send it to us via e-mail. If it happens in Louisville, we may hear about it first and post it to our Twitter. We’ll definitely be checking when we get back (we’re not sure if we’ll be able to do updates from Louisville, especially where we will be), post any emergency info needed (there are high wind warnings for this area, so there’s a possibility of power problems), and plan a double update on Thursday for anything else.

Then, beginning late next week, it’s time for the Holiday Hiatus.(Yes, we’re invoking the Dreaded H-Word.) The truth of the matter is, Your Editor and Tri-State Media Watcher has two different doctor’s appointments next Thursday and Friday afternoons and needs to prepare for and then go to those. And our Holiday Hiatus tends to span the last 10 business days of the year, anyway.

So, from December 17th onward, it will probably take something major happening to bring us here to update. Our daily minor updates might be non-existent between then and January 4, 2010. We’re even going to attempt to put away the keyboard entirely between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.

So, that’s your administrative stuff for this next 2 weeks. Anything else, we’ll grab for sure Thursday.


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