>A source that asked us not to identify them sent us word that Sandra Ali, who has been an anchor at WLWT 5/Cincinnati for five years, has decided to leave.

The word is that after the birth of her son recently, she’s decided to focus on her family and then, when the time is right for her, move on to a new opportunity.

We certainly can understand Ali’s wishes, and commend her for doing what she believes is right. After all, family should be important in ANYONE’s life. (Yours truly had to learn that lesson all over again this week with his mother’s health scare – which, by the way, she is home and doing very well.)

We wish Ali the best in her move to raise her new family.

As another side note, we’ll be back on Monday, November 30 full strength. We should have anything that breaks on Friday, but to be honest, we’re not expecting that to happen. Some media folks do take the holiday off – some, not all. (Yes, John Gumm at WKRC-TV 12/Cincinnati, we’re aware you are probably not off.)


2 Responses to >BREAKING NEWS: Ali Leaving WLWT

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Any idea what she WILL be doing? I read elsewhere that the station memo to employees said she'd be doing something that "you'll hear about soon" or words to that effect. Got anything on that? Thanks!

  2. J. Moses says:

    >We haven't heard anything… We'd assume she's still off right now.

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