>BREAKING: Steve Mann Jumps From WGRR to Rewind

>We’ve confirmed today that Steve Mann, who has been a DJ at WGRR 103.5/Hamilton, has left there for the 2-7 PM shift at WREW 94.9/Fairfield.

Mann was announced by Rewind as the new PM drive guy today at 1:40 PM via their Twitter.

We hear that Danny Erals is doing Mann’s slot on WGRR from a post on the Cincinnati Radio-Info message board.

We first read about Mann’s jump through the above twitter post, however we didn’t put two and two together until after seeing the message board post.

As we said before – we would come out of hiatus if something happens in local media that’s worth a post. And this CERTAINLY qualifies.

By the way – Your Tri-State Media Watcher appreciates that some of This Space’s readers are keeping him in thought at this time.

We’re still dealing with Life As It Is, and we’re hanging in there. It has, to be sure, been a trying 3 days.

But, hang in there, faithful readers…we will be back, better than ever, and maybe even before our announced date of Friday, November 27.

We’ll probably draw up a post on Wednesday, November 25, just to summarize happenings before the holiday, then for sure on 11/27.

Keep us in your thoughts – and keep an eye on our Twitter feed, that’ll let you know if we have something to share, or just make our return…


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