>Fort Hood Memorial Coverage, Plus Advanced Warning

>UPDATE: Almost as soon as we posted that WXIX was going web-only with their coverage…Dan Carroll just broke into programming for live coverage…web only is still the case for WKRC and WCPO.

As you can see to the right of our page, we’ve been checking everywhere for coverage of the Fort Hood memorial.

We’ve found it on all four TV news stations’ websites – but we almost didn’t see it on WCPO 9/Cincinnati’s site until we looked here.

WLWT 5/Cincinnati has it both online and on TV. We’re watching it on 5.1 now.

WKRC 12/Cincinnati and WXIX 19/Newport both have it on their websites only as does the aforementioned WCPO. We flipped through those 3 channels, and saw normal programming.

By the way, just some advance warning: Business on the personal side of yours truly’s life is about to pick up, between a holiday and some medical things Your Tri-State Media Watcher has to do.

As a consequence, our updates may not be as frequent November 18-30. We’ll get here and post breaking news ASAP – but just know that our regular updates (meaning daily/near daily) will be scarcer in that time frame…


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