>Another Step Toward Launch for WVQC

>WVQC-LP 95.7FM/Cincinnati has taken another step toward their launch.

While they’re still working on getting a signal ready for terrestrial broadcast, they’ve posted a schedule of programming on their website.

That schedule is jam packed full of what looks like good, local programming.

One angle we hadn’t covered before because we didn’t know the full details of it: WVQC, based at Media Bridges, isn’t going to be alone on the 95.7 frequency.

They’re sharing airtime on that spot on the dial with Holy Spirit Center (in Norwood) and the Forest Hills School District (in Anderson Township, east of downtown). WVQC gets 51 hours a week to program on 95.7 FM. That’s the reason for the grey areas on the schedule. If a timeslot is greyed out on the schedule, then Media Bridges-produced programming will air on the web only.

As we said, it’s a schedule full of what sounds like great, local programming. Stations like this are always a great asset to the community…


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