>Election Coverage

>We’re just popping in to let you all know what’s going on tomorrow…and it looks like a former WMUB 88.5/Oxford staffer has some work for Election Day…all of this coming from the Enquirer and John Kiesewetter

On the Radio: Don’t expect up-to-the-minute local coverage on WNKU-FM 89.7/Highland Heights.

There aren’t any elections in the Northern Kentucky area…so no coverage on Tuesday night from the NKU station.

However, that station WILL have some coverage and interviews Wednesday morning, with ‘NKU News Director Craig Kopp (when did he become ND?? Someone know??) saying they’ll do reports at 10 minutes before the hours of 6 AM, 7 AM and 8 AM. The first report, however, will air at 20 minutes before 6 AM. (So they’re going to have to do a quick re-rack job or use something different at 5:50.) And, they’ll have reports at the top and bottom of the hour as well throughout the morning hours of Wednesday.

Across the river in Ohio, meanwhile, WMUB and WVXU 91.7/Cincinnati will continue their simulcasting as usual…with a former ‘MUB staffer filing reports for ‘VXU.

Maryanne Zeleznik, who is ND at WVXU, says they’ll have Tana Weingartner, a multiple-time award winner during her tenure at ‘MUB (where our friend John Hingsbergen was Program Director), filing reports at WVXU. Reports will air at 4 minutes after 9 PM, at 9:30 PM, then at 1 minute after every hour until final results are in from the Ohio elections. We do not know about WGUC-FM 90.9/Cincinnati – but we know they use WVXU’s news people 4 times a day (top of hour 6-9 AM and 5 PM). We’ll check on it in the morning.

WLW-AM 700/Cincinnati will also report election results throughout the night during regular newsbreaks,

On Television: WCPO-TV 9 won’t be blowing out the highly anticipated premiere of “V”, ABC’s new drama about “Visitors” from outer space (9 PM, 9 and WKEF-TV 22/Dayton). (We don’t know what WKEF plans to do…we’d assume they’ll have some coverage during prime-time.)

Meanwhile, over at WXIX-TV 19/Newport, they’ll cut in “as needed”. And of course, as usual…prepare for the return of the “Crawls”…all stations are planning to use them, as well as posting the results online as soon as possible.

And, the statewide Ohio News Network will have coverage as well. But, they won’t blow out the Jim Tressel presser that they usually air from 8-9 PM (Time Warner digital 362 in Cincinnati). So, election coverage will take a break during that hour, resuming at 9 PM and going from there.


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