>Catch Up Thursday Morning Update

>UPDATE: We now hear that Ochocinco is scheduled to plug his latest book on Tuesday night on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” (12:35 AM, WLWT 5/Cincinnati, WDTN-TV 2/Dayton and WLEX-TV 18/Lexington). This word coming from John Kiesewetter @ the Enquirer via this post.

By the way, yours truly didn’t catch Chad’s appearance this morning on ESPN First Take, but our stepfather did…and said that Chad blew up at Skip Bayless in the first “1st and Ten” segment he did, over some comments the latter made.

The original item is below…


We’re catching up, after being away from the TSMW HQ all day yesterday…

Ochocinco Blitzes the Media: Well…nationally, at least.

Chad Ochocinco, formerly known as Chad Johnson, is in the middle of a major one-day media blitz as we write this this morning.

He’ll appear on ESPN’s “First Take” and “Sportscenter” today (“First Take” on ESPN2 10-noon, “Sportscenter” at 12:50 PM on ESPN), as well as “NFL Live” (4:00 PM, ESPN). Tonight he does “The Late Show with David Letterman” (11:35 PM, WKRC-TV 12/Cincinnati, WHIO-TV 7/Dayton and WKYT-TV 27/Lexington). Oh, and on Sunday he’ll appear on “Sunday NFL Countdown Mayne Event” (Sunday morning), which was also taped today.

“Earl Pitts, Uhmerikan” Endorses Quinlivan: Yes, retired 700 WLW-AM/Cincinnati legend Gary Burbank’s alter ego is endorsing a candidate for Cincinnati’s City Council, as John Kiesewetter reported the other day.

We usually don’t do politics here at the Blog Of Fun, but we mention this because of the Burbank connection. The spots are on former WCPO-TV 9/Cincinnati reporter Laure Quinlivan’s campaign website.

Pitts sounds as “Pitts’ed Off” as usual in these spots…and that’s all we have to say about them. We won’t get into the politics.

But in Cincinnati, this could attract voters to vote for her…so we’ll see.

Furman In Houston…Kinda: We hinted about this one Tuesday, but didn’t get Around Tuit (TM by OMW) until this morning because we didn’t have a whole lot of information.

Former 700 WLW radio host Andy Furman did do a gig for Houston, TX station 790 KBME-AM on Tuesday. But he wasn’t physically IN Houston, as we first thought.

Furman told Kiese Wednesday that he did the shows from WLW’s studios. Here’s what else he had to say, from the Kiese Blog:

“This was an accident… Someone told me about 790… I started listening about 2 weeks ago online…Got really upset one day and called in, but the producer wouldn’t let me on. He thought I was nuts I guess… So I e-mailed the PD (Bryan) and told him I couldn’t get on. He e-mailed me back with a date to do the show… It was today (Tuesday)…I did it from WLW, 7-9 and 12-4… We had Pete Rose, Aaron Boone and Ziggy Gruber… He’s the owner of the biggest kosher deli in Texas. Kenny and Ziggys and a real character… I don’t know what the future may bring… So I’m not even going to think about it. Actually I wanted to do it to see if I still had it in me… I do…Maybe 1530 could use me from 9-12… Who knows. Just felt good to talk sports again. Thanks for your interest.”

Our take: Furman isn’t likely to return to the Clear Channel/Cincinnati airwaves anytime soon. He was fired from there in ’06 because of comments made about former Bengal TJ Houshmandzadeh, after the wide receiver (who is now with the Seattle Seahawks) missed what was called the “Bengals RoundTable”. Houston, however, is a whole other story. We will have to see what happens…but, needless to say, this looks like it was a one shot deal…


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