>Holland Moving Northeast

>We’re not talking about the country, either…

TJ Holland, formerly PD at WNNF-FM 94.1/Cincinnati and WRRM-FM 98.5/Cincinnati (until he was cut at the tail end of March), is moving up the I-71 corridor to Columbus.

He’s taking over for Tony Florentino, according to our friends and esteemed colleagues at Ohio Media Watch as Operations Manager and Program Director at Saga Communications up there. Florentino’s contract wasn’t renewed by Saga.

The Saga group includes WVMX-FM 107.9/Westerville, WODB-FM 104.3/Richwood, OH, WSNY-FM 94.7/Columbus and WJZA-FM 103.5/Pickerington. (Oh, and if the WVMX call sign sounds familiar…those letters were formerly on 94.1 here.)

It’s basically out of our main coverage area (about halfway between our territory and OMW’s reach), but it is still worth noting as it involves the former Cumulus programmer finding work in these tough times…

Congratulations, TJ…


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