>WXIX Planning Bengals Coverage This Weekend

>Normally, Bengals games air on WKRC-TV 12/Cincinnati, because CBS has the rights to air all AFC games…unless those games are home games against NFC teams.

The latter scenario is the case this weekend, as the Bengals battle the Chicago Bears Sunday afternoon at 4:15 PM at Paul Brown Stadium. WXIX-TV 19/Newport has the rights to the game because of FOX’s contract to carry NFC games.

The game comes with some locally produced pre- and post-game shows by WXIX, as the Enquirer and John Kiesewetter report.

At 3:15 PM, WXIX will do a special 45 minute pre-game show exclusively on THIS TV Cincy (19.2 over-the-air, Insight 194 and Time-Warner 994). Anchors Tricia Macke and Dan Carroll, along with sports director Brian Giesenschlag and sports anchor Zach Wells will present stories on players and tailgaters. WXIX-TV 19.1 will be finishing the Pittsburgh/Minnesota game at that time.

After the game, WXIX will pre-empt any special coverage and/or “The OT” and jump straight into a postgame show, also hosted by Macke, Carroll, Giesenschlag and Wells. That may include postgame press conferences with QB Carson Palmer and head coach Marvin Lewis if there is time. That will end at 8 PM when NBC has exclusive rights to football.

The only other game that FOX 19 will air is on December 6, when the Detroit Lions come into town. However, that game has not sold out so far…


2 Responses to >WXIX Planning Bengals Coverage This Weekend

  1. Michael says:

    >I fully expect to be watching the game on NFL.com at 12:01AM 12/7 because detroit just flat out is a bad team…

  2. >I'm in agreement. Detroit is not good this year. Then again, when the Browns come in, I expect that game to also not sell out because the Browns are just that bad right now.

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