>Barely Enough To Run

>We’ve got a few items…let’s start with something I was slightly involved with yesterday…

WKRC’s Big Bengals Nation Giveaway Kickoff: WKRC-TV 12/Cincinnati is giving away some tickets to a certain big football game in February.

Yes, we mean the Super Bowl.

The station began the giveaway yesterday, with an appearance by the station’s Jen Dalton at Countertops and Cabinetry By Design in Florence on Mall Road.

Yours truly headed down there, originally with intentions of finding out more about it, certainly not planning to be on camera – and wound up involved in the 12:10 PM live shot that Dalton did announcing the giveaway on Local12 News at Noon.

If you want to register, head to any one of the four Countertops and Cabinetry By Design locations. For more info, log onto Local12.com

While We’re At 1906 Highland: The station also announced some lineup changes after Election Day.

“Local12 Newsmakers”, hosted by Dan Hurley, will move to CW Cincinnati 12.2 on November 8th at 11 AM. Meanwhile “The Dish”, currently seen on CW Cincinnati at 12:30 PM (new episodes Fridays, old ones Monday-Thursday) will move into that same slot on Local 12.

John Kiesewetter has the details here. The thinking is that “Dish” will be a good fit in the 11 AM slot on Sundays on the main signal.

Our take? While we agree that 11 AM Sundays is probably a good slot for a cooking show, “Newsmakers” is one of the better public affairs programs around. It might even be the best one in town. We shall see how this impacts the ratings.

WXIX Welcomes Back A Reporter: WXIX-TV 19/Newport welcomes back one of their own from a wedding and honeymoon.

Sara Celi, formerly known as Sara Gouedy, returned this week after getting married a couple weeks ago. She’s had to get used to her new name – so we’re giving her a pass on messing it up a couple times today.

Congratulations to Mrs. Celi and welcome back…

WOBO-FM Mourning: WOBO 88.7FM/Batavia is mourning the loss of one of their own.

John Kiesewetter of the Enquirer reported yesterday that Hank Bangert, who hosted the “Musical Moods” show(Mondays, 3-6 PM) on the Clermont County variety station, died at age 81. Hank was the father of 700 WLW-AM/Cincinnati newsman Bill Bangert.

We here at TSMW extend our heartfelt sympathies to the Bangert family…as this is a huge loss for them. We also wish to extend the same to the staff of WOBO, who lost a dear colleague and friend…

Forecast on the Weather Channel is…Movies??: Yes, that’s in the cards.

The cable network more widely known for its “Local on the Eights” and “Storm Stories” will test the movie idea, according to the AP. The first movie to be shown will be “The Perfect Storm”, based on the 1991 storm that happened 18 years ago.

Ironically, the movie will air on the 18th anniversary of that storm, Friday, October 30th(Insight digital 30/430, Time Warner digital 370/analog 41), but the time is still to be announced. Jen Carfagno will provide commentary on the weather-related aspects of the movie.

The connection to the Tri-State, albeit a tedious one, is that WXIX has tried airing “Storm Stories” episodes, with commentary provided by that station’s chief meteorologist Steve Horstmeyer.

Our take? We’re big weather nuts here at the Blog of Fun. If the Weather Channel is going to air movies, then something like this is an appropriate idea.


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