>Rare Early Saturday Update

>UPDATE 4:05 PM Saturday: An anonymous commenter tells us The Sound is still on the air. They apparently went down last month for about a week – but they are back now. And as for the previous “Sound” domain names, they’re still inactive, but our commenter tells us that the online stream is at www.thesoundcincinnati.com

This is rare that we do an early Saturday morning update…but we need to clear the plate for a simple medical reason.

As it looks right now, the next week will likely be a week that sees Your Tri-State Media Watcher need at least some medical rest due to problems in BOTH arms (read: not using the arms so much). As a consequence, the Blog of Fun won’t see as many updates this week, as it has in recent months. More on this below.

So, let’s clear the plate, before we head over to the hospital sometime this weekend for the official diagnosis:

B105 Has IPhone App: Yep…you’re hearing it RIGHT HERE, first (unless you happen to be a member of the B105 Facebook Group, in which case unless you come here first, you’re reading it there first).

WUBE-FM 105.1/Cincinnati announced late last evening, after most everyone had gone off for the night, that they’ve got a brand new IPhone application. Straight from the station via their Facebook Group, in a message sent out to their members:

Attention iPhone users:

Now follow B105 through your phone by adding the B105 iPhone app exclusively at http://b105.com/iPhone.

Tell your friends!

We’re pretty sure at least a couple of our readers, those fans of what once was 94.9-then 97.3-then 94.9 again “The Sound” (which we’ll get to in our next item) excluded, may be fans of B105. As such, we wanted to let them know about it.

“Sound” Gone? Looks Like It: Speaking of “The Sound”, it looks as if that’s now totally gone.

It doesn’t exist, online or otherwise, it would seem. It had been at 94.9 HD2, for those with HD Radios. Online, it was at www.973thesound.com.

Right now, and we mean now as of 6:07 AM on Saturday morning as we’re writing this, that link points to a GoDaddy.com domain expiration page. Reports have the 94.9 HD2 signal discontinued on September 14th. We didn’t know it – and apparently, neither did John Kiesewetter at the Enquirer. A tweet on 9/17 to us, only came to our attention a couple weeks after the fact (we had some computer troubles at the time not to mention other projects we were working on) – and when it did, we began to track it down.

It’s taken us two weeks – but we know now. Sorry, Insane Elvis for taking so long to track down this one. We were fans, too when we could get the station at 94.9. At the TSMW HQ, their signal from the Star Tower (which is the location of WSTR-TV 64(RF 33)/Cincinnati, WREW-FM 94.9/Cincinnati, WRRM-FM 98.5/Cincinnati, and WGRR-FM 103.5/Cincinnati at least, along with we think one more) in North College Hill had trouble penetrating the hills of NKY when they were on 97.3 FM with their 2,550 watts of ERP.

Finally, The Quick Note: Barring any indication of major injury to my arms, The Blog Of Fun should return sometime between Thursday, October 22nd and next Saturday.

As you are aware from my personal blog, being in a wheelchair means I need both arms at full strength. And if that means I need to stop trying to type so much, I will do it.

I’ll come out of hiatus with major, breaking news if it occurs (such as, I don’t know, radio formats returning or changing, a mass fire sale at a local group, or something else).

I hate needing hiatuses. I really do. But, to maintain health, sometimes these are necessary…

Keep Your Tri-State Media Watcher’s family and yours truly in your thoughts, as I look to figure out what’s going on, and what might be next…


One Response to >Rare Early Saturday Update

  1. Anonymous says:

    >The Sound's website is http://www.thesoundcincinnati.com and is still broadcasting as of 10:20 Saturday morning. The over the air broadcast on 94.9 HD2 was still working in my car last night. They were off the air for about a week last month, but this must have been some type of problem. They returned to the air the following week.

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