>Mid-October Weekend

>Let’s see what we have to run this Friday…some good, it looks like, but one minor, slightly-related bad news item from the local area:

Burbank’s Closes: While Gary Burbank is known in media circles for his long-running show on 700 WLW-AM/Cincinnati, he also had a restaurant at I-75 and Sharon Road in Sharonville.

That is, until now.

The Enquirer reports this morning that Burbank’s Bar-B-Q has closed. Reports suggest that the owners are working on a spinoff concept to open in another locale in town.

Burbank has been reported in the past to be thinking about a 1,200 seat restaurant/concert venue, something close to what the Funny Bone Comedy Club does. It would host 35-50 national acts per year.

As we noted, it’s only slightly related, as Burbank himself is the connection here to media. But we figured we’d mention it.

If memory serves us correctly, Burbank’s even had a location in Florence at one time. It was just off I-75 exit 180, at US 42 and Dream Street. That site is now a Frisch’s Big Boy.

Balloon Boy: It was hard to miss this story yesterday, when a balloon took off in Denver with a small child reported to be inside. The child was later found in his home, hiding in a cardboard box in the attic.

It seemed like everybody in town was covering it, even though it didn’t happen here in Cincinnati (rather, it occurred just outside of Denver, Colorado).

Within minutes, everybody and their brothers knew of the story, via Twitter, including yours truly.

It just proves once again that, with Twitter, word can and does spread quickly.

Finding Out About TV Blackout: Yes, the elephant in the room.

As we type this just before 1 PM, we should be finding out soon if TV stations in Cincinnati, Dayton or Lexington will be allowed to show this weekend’s home game for the Cincinnati Bengals.

The good news? They had 500 fewer tickets to sell this morning, as the Bengals announced they were giving that many tickets to military families so they could attend the Bengals’ tilt with the Houston Texans. We’re all for that, for sure.

The Bengals are also hosting a midfield halftime enlistment ceremony:

The Bengals previously announced a partnership with the United States Marines Corps that will bring more than 200 future Marines to Sunday’s game. During a halftime ceremony, fans will have the rare opportunity to see hometown men and women enlist in the Marine Corps. The ceremony will honor those who are making the commitment. The ceremony will also include a video of active-duty Cincinnati Marines currently serving in Iraq.

Again, we’ll find out later today whether the game sold out…


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