>Weighing In on Cookie Wars

>We’re around – and so we wanted to talk a little about something not even John Kiesewetter has.

During the month of October, WKRC-TV LOCAL 12/Cincinnati anchor Kit Andrews and meteorologist Tim Hedrick are waging a “Cookie War”. Here’s how Kit explains it, from the station’s website:

I have a favorite recipe that the newsroom folks seem to like. Tim has his own. We want you to decide which is best.

Just go to Busken Bakery or Remke Markets during the month of October, and buy either a chocolate chunk pecan, or a Doppler Tim’s peanut butter picaso, or one of each, to be really fair. Then buy more of the one you like, and the proceeds will provide tuition assistance for Catholic school kids on both sides of the river, including the children at Saint Boniface in Northside.

No, we’ve yet to get any of the cookies. Your Tri-State Media Watcher is partial to Peanut Butter however, and yet I like chocolate, too. (We’re gonna try to get a few of the cookies in the next 2-3 days.)

This time of year, seeing a TV station get behind a cause such is this is great. No, we’re not Catholic here at Tri-State Media Watch. And that means, we’re behind stations supporting education in any way possible.

On a slightly related note, a station in Atlanta, a city hit by floods last month, went all out trying to help kids at one of the hardest hit schools there recently.

Clarkdale Elementary was inundated when Sweetwater Creek rose out of its banks September 21. WXIA-TV 11/Atlanta collected donations for the school in the week following the flood.


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