>Jack Is Back – Tonight on WLWT-TV 5

>Yes, folks, we took that title straight from WLWT-TV 5/Cincinnati’s advertising campaign.

WLWT has been trumpeting the return of former WXIX-TV 19/Newport anchor Jack Atherton for the last week plus. And this evening (or it will be by the time most of you read this), Atherton makes the return on the station with the most powerful signal in town.
Atherton will co-anchor News 5 at 5, 5:30, 6 and 11 with Sheree Paolello, until Sandra Ali returns from maternity leave. (What’s in the water at WLWT, what with all the pregnancies between Ali and Paolello the last few years?? We’re just joking, Channel 5, don’t take it personally!)
Anyway, the station’s advertising it pretty hard right now. We just saw two separate ads for the big debut of Atherton since we began typing this item!
Will it be enough to pull WLWT out of the cellar ratings-wise? We think it might be enough to put them in second place – but not in November. It might be February before we see that.
Atherton began working behind a desk at WLWT on Thursday, when his no-compete clause with WXIX expired.
However, even before it expired, we saw a few PSA’s with Atherton featured for some non-profit or another. We don’t remember at the moment what they were for – maybe our readers can fill us in. And that makes us wonder if WXIX made an exception for those PSA’s. Hmmm…

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