>THIS JUST IN: WKRP-TV Picks Up KY Lotto + EXCLUSIVE: New Subchannel for OTA Digital 25!

>We’ve just heard that WKRP-TV (which is a subchannel of WOTH-LP 25/Cincinnati) has picked up the Kentucky Lottery beginning tomorrow at 10:58 PM.

The low power station still has carriage in Northern Kentucky on Insight Cable digital channel 189, but is not on Time Warner Cable in Cincinnati. In the city, it’s only available over the air at 25.2 on digital. We’re told you can also get it via Cincinnati Bell channel 24 if you subscribe to that service.
Our standard reminder when talking about WKRP-TV: They never officially changed call letters. They were on analog at channel 38 as WBQC-CA, until moving to digital over the summer. The WKRP branding is just that – branding. (25.1 is branded as “The Other Channel”.)
And we now have an exclusive scoop: We just spoke with Elliot Block, and he tells us that those viewers who receive the over-air signal can expect to see 25.5 light up next week. We’ll have more on that Friday afternoon, but it’s not clear what they’ll do with the channel.
Currently, the station has 4 digital subchannels. 25.1 is WOTH-LP, 25.2 is WKRP, 25.3 is Retro Television Network, and 25.4 is Jewelry TV. (The last of these airs overnights also, on Insight cable channel 6.)

2 Responses to >THIS JUST IN: WKRP-TV Picks Up KY Lotto + EXCLUSIVE: New Subchannel for OTA Digital 25!

  1. ky_scott says:

    >I'm not sure how they are getting away with branding themselves as WKRP when there is an actual WKRP-TV in Alexandria Tennessee. Perhaps the owners of the Tennessee station have not found out about it yet.

  2. >Scott, I remind you of what I said above. WKRP is just branding. They're NOT call letters here. And, as was pointed out to us, very few people really refer to the call letters, anyway when talking about a station. They usually go by branding. WKRP is the most recognizable brand in Cincinnati because of the TV show – Mr. Block decided to capitalize on it and we can't blame him.

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