>Churning Out One More Item

>We missed this earlier in the week – but we’re catching it now!

WSTR-TV 64/Cincinnati, which rebranded last week with the old/new moniker of “Star 64”, just upped their power to 60 kW, and installed a new antenna custom built for the terrain of the Tri-State.
John Kiesewetter reported Monday that the new antenna is about 72 feet taller, at 902 feet vs. 830 feet. However, the antenna is still located on what’s known in local media geek circles as “STAR Tower”, aka WSTR’s broadcast tower in College Hill on Winton Road. It was custom built for WSTR, so that it can cover the hilly terrain of the area, says John Lawhead, WSTR General Manager.
A note: We can’t find the CP allowing WSTR to increase their power in the FCC database. Whether that’s because it’s another one of those Petitions for Rulemaking, or it’s just not in the database, we don’t know. But we can’t imagine them doing this, without FCC approval. So we’re assuming it’s just not in the online database yet.

4 Responses to >Churning Out One More Item

  1. Trip says:

    >I commented when I first heard about it to several people that I can find absolutely no evidence that WSTR has any authority to be operating a top-mount omni as they claim to be operating.- Tripwww.rabbitears.info

  2. >Neither can we, Trip. And I searched pretty hard through the FCC database. Thus why I surmised what I did… that either the FCC hasn't gotten the filing into the database, or WSTR is doing this illegally.

  3. >Upon further investigation: The last construction permit request they filed with the FCC over 1 year ago has the following parameters: HAAT: 337 meters/1105 feet, 7.71 inchesERP: 360 kWAs noted, however: There is zero evidence the permit was ever approved. I will be investigating later today.

  4. >Here's what they had been granted authority to operate as well, a construction permit dated from 2007:HAAT: 302.8 meters/993 feet, 5 1/4"ERP: 900 kWThey did file for the license to cover on this permit. They're operating well under their allowed ERP either way –

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