>WKRC’s Local 12 News At 11 In HD Tonight!


UPDATE 2: And we wonder now if WKRC-DT2 is also joining in the HD newscasts? The official launch was to be at 11, but… the LOCAL12 News At 10 is going on now on WKRC 12.2 – from their normal studio. Are they using the new technology? And if so – the next question is can they even DO HD news on 12.2 while 12.1 is doing other programming in HD?

We’ve gotten word that it’s going to officially happen today.

WKRC-TV 12/Cincinnati will officially go HD tonight for the news at 11.

We know why they chose today to do the conversion. Apparently, according to this update from Kiese, engineers need 12 hours to do the HD conversion. And with the Bengals facing down the Steelers this afternoon at 4:15 PM, today worked best since they’re going to pre-empt the 6 PM newscast.
Look for the launch of the new logo as well. We’ve noticed it’s already being rolled out in a few places on the website, such as Local 12’s weather page. (UPDATE 10:00 PM: The new

logo has gone live on Local12.com site-wide now, and it looks exactly like our reader sent to us weeks ago. Look for the on-air launch for Local 12 at 11 tonight… we wonder how the newscast open will change.)


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