>More on MetroMix

>Your Tri-State Media Watcher had been wondering how the switchover from CiN Weekly to MetroMix was going for Gannett, which also owns the Enquirer.

Well, I was out last night and snapped this photo of a newspaper box which had formerly been a CiN Weekly box at Fourth and Main Streets in downtown Cincinnati:

As you can see, the conversion of CiN to MetroMix on the boxes is completely done, at least downtown (and probably everywhere else also). I didn’t see a single box that still had the CiN logo on it. For that matter, when I looked inside the boxes, I saw this:

Obviously, the conversion had been quickly done in print, as well.

So, consider this just us checking what had been previously reported by other sources, while doing other errands yesterday…we’d heard that MetroMix stickers were being put on the CiN boxes – but wanted to confirm that they were indeed being converted.

On a related note, we looked in the box, too – and it seems to us people don’t much care that CiN is no more – they’re liking the MetroMix brand, also.


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